I’d like you to meet my father...
This website has been established for several reasons:

• To invite those who knew, my dad, Gene Bennett to contact me and share their memories of him.

• To provide basic and simple information on Congenital Erythropoietic Porphyria and to send those interested in learning more about porphyria to the American Porphyria Foundation

• To provide a “home base” for my father’s photographs that have found their way onto the internet and have been irresponsibly used by bloggers.

• And finally, to pique the interest of potential readers of the biography.

I hope you have the time and interest to cruise through the website.  I invite you to refer this website to your friends and family.  I do ask that you not copy any of the pictures in this website for your personal or professional use without the explicit permission of the Bennett family.http://www.porphyriafoundation.comshapeimage_1_link_0
That’s me in the middle. ...but, I need to tell you something  before you meet him.  He’s allergic to the sun and he has sores all over his face, and his fingers ........ My name is Monica Bennett Firchow, and I am writing my father's biography.  It's a story of great courage and constant frustration.  It's a story about my father's life with a very rare disorder. 
    To date, I have been working on the biography for about five years.  Because my father passed away twenty years ago, I have had to rely on others to recapture his life.  My research has included interviewing my father's classmates, his dog show contemporaries, fellow lovers of the air, and of course his family and friends. 
    As a wife, mother, and small business owner it is often hard to find the time to write, but I will just keep at it until I'm done. That is one of many things I learned from my father.